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01 Apr Have fun with Easter cocktails

Looking for Easter themed cocktails for this weekend?

Eggs are a popular ingredient for Easter cocktails, but certainly also sweet ingredients and chocolate.  If you like your cocktails sweet, we’ve got a few for you to try.

Easter Martini:

This recipe from Difford’s Guide uses vodka, white crème de cacao, sugar syrup, cardamom pods and egg white.

Check out the full recipe here:

Chocolate cocktails:

Chocolate-long-island-cocktailHunting for a chocolate cocktail instead of a chocolate egg?

Take a look at these delicious recipes from Cocktail Stars.
Chocolate Long Island gets out vote!

Cocktail inside an Easter egg:

Want to take it one step further and have your cocktail inside your chocolate egg? We have found just the thing for you.

Check out this video.  You will need a serious sweet tooth for the ingredients alone (1 part baileys, 1 part Frangelico, 1 part Vanilla Liqueur, 1 part Whip Cream Vodka, 1 part Mozart White chocolate), never mind the chocolate egg!

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